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Cultural Exchange Sustained And What’s In It For Me?

‘What’s in it for me’ seems to be the antithesis of sustainability – but is it? We are living and, therefore, participating in a self-absorbed society. Within the confines of  our self-obsession (the very notion of a blog may reflect this) there is an inkling that life has many more doors that should be opened  and it is with this curiosity towards diversity that I am writing this blog.

I am no expert in cultural exchanges, yet I have a disposition towards it. I could call it a mild fascination but I think determination is more fitting and it’s one of those things that has plagued me since I was young and dreamed of travelling to far off places meeting far off people in semi bizarre circumstances.

On returning home years later, I realised that I have become far more conservative than I was in my youth, but when I dreamed of these far off places I also dreamed of adventure, some of which I will share with you here on these pages.

I believe in cultural exchanges in all environments, but it is sustained environments and sustainable living that interests me. And if Cultural Exchange Sustained sounds like a mandate, then perhaps it is.

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