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I’ve just come home from our book club meet and I realise the enormous surge of pent up adrenaline that we ladies harbour. The children are safely tucked away in bed for the night and we go about our business of arriving at the assigned person’s house with book or kindle tucked under our arms. We politely place down the book and it is never referred to again. Instead we tear through a months worth of pent up blaahhh. And that’s all it is. More and more blah, but this time it’s adult blah and we can’t get enough of it. Every topic under the sun is discussed, it’s like we’ve been starved of any deep conversation or female company for too long and we are all trying to get our two cents worth in, to know that we, indeed, are worth something to the communal melting pot of ideas which we occasionally thinly veil as arriving from the pages of a book but mostly they are thoughts that have been laying in our minds for a good chunk of time and now we have the space to through them in the air and see where they fall. We pretend to discuss the books context but what we are really discussing is far more sinister, perverse and beautiful than a book could possibly be. We are discussing our independence, our freedom, our resentment, our sufferings, our desires, our lost thoughts, our lost libidos and our forever tired physics. We are all mums and we bring to the table not so much tales about our children or our partners but stories about us. It’s like we are discovering who we are again, we are talking about things that make us tick, sometimes about our dreams, our phobias, our ticks, our likes and dislikes. We are discovering our spirits as they have become stymied through the process of parenting, especially of young children with their boundless energy eluding us. At these meetings we become us again, independent individuals who can hold the floor for a couple of hours without interruptions and without, strangely enough, much judgement. Here’s a toast to purging with like-minded friends.

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4 thoughts on “Book club

  1. Hello Kimmy! I also amon wordpress but in French of course! I understand that having children gives and takes… and that there is a struggle to find out how to let go and … to keep and save!

    You seem to be on the right tracks!


    • Hey Edmee, your post is beautiful and will be good for my french… You’re right about the pull and push of raising children but I really do think it’s a job for ‘a village’, it is a task that should be well supported within the community and society as a whole. We are all responsible to make sure the next generation is raised with self confidence and within a broad network of trusted carers but we are not set up this way, the stress and enormous pressure is put on mothers mostly but couples also and it’s just not acceptable to think that people can be perfect parents all the time. Given a break however and given the opportunity to explore ones own mental space/interests then parenting can take a far more balanced and compassionate stance. I love my children and I do try to be the best I can be but my goodness it is a constant job and one that I need to step away from every now and again. Thank you so much for leaving a comment, it’s always such a pleasure hearing from you. Bisous xx

  2. Shay Balmanno

    The image of the book club placing books down and getting straight into passionate conversations (not about the books) is just LOL beautifull. You should write a script. Every other woman I know that attends a book club says the same thing. This will resinate with them all. Keep up the writting Kim you make me laugh and proud to be your mum.xx

    • Thanks mum, but could you not have written third cousin removed, rather than MUM, it would give me more credence of being someone to be proud of.. and yes the image of such an abstract thing as a book club putting down something so tangible as a book is lol, I hadn’t thought of it like that. 😉

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